Tuesday, 6 November 2012

No fakes at RSVP...

During a meeting this week with a prospective new dating agency member, we were chatting about her online dating experiences and how disappointing she had found it. Amongst the usual stories of meeting guys who didn't live up to the expectations of their profiles and pictures, she mentioned that just as her membership was due to expire she received an email from a guy who was a near perfect match to what she was looking for. As she couldn't reply to him as a lapsed member, she paid for another three months membership. Sadly, despite the interest he showed initially, she never heard from him again. Funny, that. 

This was particularly interesting as it has been reported on Channel4 last week that a large internet dating provider has admitted to using fake profiles on their sites to entice people into paying to join. They confessed that they employed some 20 people to send fabricated messages from these profiles to deceive their members and keep them paying for longer. The report focused on a "white label" dating site where many different themed dating sites share one database of members, so unless you read the small print you may not realise you have joined a variety of differently branded sites and not all may reflect your taste or requirements.

There is no denying that lots of people turn to internet dating when looking for a partner. However, many discover the experience to be impersonal and disappointing at best and some fall victim to scammers and unscrupulous people pretending to be someone they are not. Many of our members here at RSVP have told us they prefer the personal approach that we provide and that our joining process, which includes meeting all of our members face-to-face, helps them to feel safer and better prepared for their dates.

One of our primary aims at RSVP is to provide a professional, personal, confidential and honest service. We want our members to meet a new partner. Many have shared stories of their positive experiences of RSVP with their friends. With over 20 years experience behind us and many successful, lasting relationships formed, we have absolutely no need to use fake profiles or to hide behind someone else's brand. RSVP members really are who they say they are.