Friday, 29 May 2015

The power of positivity

At RSVP Singles Club and dating agency, we know how much time and effort people invest in finding a suitable partner. One big reason people join the RSVP dating agency is to save all that time and effort and have our savvy team of matchmakers do the hard work for them. But some people put all their focus on specifying this yet-to-be-found future partner at the expense of what they might do themselves to improve their chances.

Writer, Anne-Marie Wiesman has suggested a number of ways that you can attract healthier relationships. Her first four points are all about looking internally to make sure that you are ready for a new relationship; she feels that maintaining a positive self-image is key to a happy relationship and this can be nurtured by being prepared to treat yourself well and starting a kind inner-dialogue. Just by linking your idea of self-worth with positives and, most of all, letting go of any mistakes you have made in the past and not blaming yourself for them, you can open up to a new and positive relationship.

The matching team here at RSVP are all experienced in talking about relationships and happy to discuss any worries you might have, to help you build that necessary positive self-image. Platinum Dating PAs are able to really give some insight into romantic scenarios through their extensive knowledge about dating and from their nurturing of their personal relationships with their Platinum members. Additionally, if low self-confidence stems from a lack of self-belief regarding physical appearance, we can also refer you to our, Dating Image Coach Sue Donnelly, author of several books about personal image and how to improve it. Together, we can help you prepare yourself so that you’re ready for when that special someone comes along.

Friday, 8 May 2015

The soul mate quest

Here at dating agency and soulmate finders RSVP, we think everyone deserves that chance to find someone special. Our dedicated matching team and Platinum Dating PAs work night and day providing opportunities for RSVP members to meet other eligible singles, with the hope that one of them may be what is classically called ‘the one’.

Now, we realise that a lot of people have a very specific idea of what they’re looking for in a partner and sometimes find it hard to stay open-minded. We have learned through our many years of accumulated match-making experience that “the one” is rarely a carbon copy of the person someone has in their mind; instead, he/she is a living, breathing person with strengths and weaknesses, just like their own.

An article at The Power of Positivity says that the main signs you have found your soul mate are that they are supportive and share similar values and morals. Sharing those fundamental values – such as attitudes on family and finances – are much more important predictors of having found your soul mate than having a couple of hobbies in common. You may find that if your partner enjoys watching Rugby while you are more of a Wimbledon fan, you end up supporting each other and enjoying two different activities. One of the aspects of dating that some people find equally daunting and enjoyable is that you are often exposed to different interests; you never know, you may find that you start to enjoy something new!

The RSVP matching team are always on hand to offer advice about dating and a supportive word when our members need it. The quest for a soul mate can be a difficult one, but if positivity and open-mindedness are at the fore-front, it’s a quest with a high success rate