Friday, 24 June 2016

What's your biggest fear?

What's your biggest fear? One of mine is spiders. So how do you overcome your fears? I trained my 2 boys not to be scared and to safely catch them and pop them back outside (while I hide in another room doing the good old spider dance).


Here at RSVP dating agencyand singles club, the most common fears I hear are:

  • Fear of the unknown,
  • Fear of getting back in to the dating game
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of attending a first RSVP singles event.


Bizarrely, one of RSVP’s team of matchmaking experts recently overcame her fear of cows. Yes, cows. She marched through a whole field of the mooing creatures while on an RSVP singles walk in Lincolnshire, organised by our events team at head quarters. Huge well done!


This sparked a conversation with an RSVP member of ours, attending the same RSVP singles event and supporting her, who recently overcame his fear of flying by attending an RSVP helicopter lesson singles activity.


The singles walk (followed by a Sunday lunch) was actually being hosted by a first time host, another fear smashed that day.


So, next time you find yourself wondering if you should attend that first RSVP singles event, you start to feel the sweaty palms or the faster heartbeat, just remember we are all conquering fears that others may be unaware of. All RSVP singles events are hosted and the host is there to help everyone overcome those fears and have a fun time.


On that first date, take away the second guessing and pick up the phone to one of our
friendly team of matchmaking experts at RSVP to talk it through; after all, our fears can be managed if not conquered.