Friday, 4 October 2019

Meeting Through Friends

Many single people like to be set up by friends or someone they know. We completely understand this. It is great to be introduced to a new person by someone who knows you well and that you trust. In an age where there is so little accountability for online dating profiles and so many options, there is an increasing transient, unfocused attitude from some online daters; sadly this creates a vicious circle of bad manners and ghosting. However, if your friends can’t set you up with anyone and you have given online dating a whirl, perhaps it is time to look at a well established, traditional Dating Agency and Singles club like RSVP. Prospective members who meet with our Dating Consultants often express frustration from fruitless and, on occasions, scary experiences from dating online. 

Recently, I was chatting with someone who is now in a relationship after being set up by a friend. She admitted to me that they are very happy together and was delighted not to have do battle with online dating. However, she expressed something that I hadn’t previously considered; the friend who had set them up feels responsible for the relationship and frequently reminds her of this. She also feels that it is acceptable to ask delicate questions such as ‘when are you moving in together?’.  Whilst these questions and comments may be made with good intentions, I understand why this may feel invasive.

Undoubtedly, RSVP's team of expert matchmakers work in a very personal way. The RSVP dating approach is probably unique: every potential member is interviewed face-to-face with one of our experienced Dating Consultants; then, if they choose to join RSVP there are great hand-selected matches and superb hosted singles events. The team strongly believe in communication when dating, taking the time for a proper phone call rather than back and forth texting, and then, after meeting up with a match, providing the matching team with feedback of how the date went, so they can make the next one even better. Even after 27 years of prosperous matching, we are always delighted to hear of another happy match. The RSVP's team of matchmakers wouldn’t pry and ask you personal questions about the progress of things when you have a relationship through us.

By attending RSVP singles events, often members find that they form friendships unexpectedly. Whilst joining a dating agency and making friends is unlikely to be your primary objective, it goes without saying that you can never have enough friends and it doesn't hurt to open up your social circle a little wider. One of our members made friends with another member on one of our events. Then she was set up with her brother...The rest is history.

One of the ways in which I would describe the RSVP matchmaking service is that it is perfect if you want to be set up by your friends ... and your friends don’t have anyone to set you up with. I wouldn’t wait around to be set up by friends; it perhaps won’t work out, even if you do get set up. Furthermore, I am confident in saying their database of single friends won't be as big as the RSVP database of over 26,000 life time members! You could say that by joining RSVP and undertaking matches, the team can give you all of the good parts of being set up by friends, but none of the awkward questions... To find out more about our different memberships, just fill out a few details and our team will be in touch with you shortly.