Thursday, 31 May 2012

Is a lack of confidence holding you back in your dating?

Confidence is a very attractive quality and something that comes up again and again when we are discussing "ideal" partners with our new and existing RSVP dating members. They use terms like "confident", "self-assured", "happy-in-their-skin" and "comfortable with who they are". 

As I was driving to work this week I was shocked to hear the results of a recent all parliamentary group report that has found over half of us are unhappy with our body image. They see this as "an underlying cause of health and relationship problems, a key contributor to low self-esteem and a major barrier to progression at work". This got me thinking about how closely our body image is tied to our self confidence and the impact this can have. Of course a loss in confidence can be caused by all kinds of things, but it seems clear to me that a dislike of our appearance or any loss of confidence seriously affects our ability to make and maintain successful relationships.

Here at dating agency RSVP, we believe you will be more successful in finding your ideal partner if you are happy with the way you look and the life you are leading. As the chinese philosopher Confucius said "how things look on the outside of us depends on how things are on the inside". To help you achieve this, we offer image coaching and relationship coaching either as a stand alone service or as part of our Platinum introduction agency membership. Our dating PAs understand that rebuilding your confidence is a key part of the dating process and the personal service they are able to offer platinum members is a valuable extra benefit.

Having attended our May Ball Leicestershire Singles Event last weekend, I can testify first hand how good our events can be. Attending events is another great way to rebuild your confidence and make that important first step back into dating. As well as being great fun, they give you a "safe" place to take the first step and are a great way to meet new friends...after all, everyone there is in the same situation as you.

If you would like to discuss joining or upgrading, please give our team a call.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Why do Men Flirt in the Workplace?

At Dating Agency RSVP, we were recently asked an interesting question, which we thought best to share with our followers. Why do men flirt in the workplace?

Some common thoughts are that men try to flirt their way to the top! Psychologists who have studied this disagree, finding men who flirt at work actually lack in sensitivity. This would suggest there is no real benefit in flirting, to advance any career progression. Low job satisfaction is another possibility, if lacking in motivation or easily distracted, the chance to flirt will give him something fun to do, adding a bit of excitement to what so far has been yet another unsatisfying day.

This possible theory was investigated by business psychologists Chadi Moussa and Adrian Banks from the University of Surrey, through a questionnaire that measured flirting behaviours at work, job satisfaction, self reported job performance, and personality. Said Chadi: “Previous research has shown that people flirt for various reasons, which include increasing their self-esteem, fun and romance. If men are feeling unsatisfied in their roles, then they may resort to flirting to keep them entertained and this would partially explain the negative relationship. While flirting can have benefits, excessive flirting at work may be a sign that you’re unsatisfied with your job or simply bored. These findings contradict popular notions that flirting at work can make employees mores satisfied or perform better”.

So what reasons are there to explain the flirtatious male in the workplace? One thing that has crossed our mind is, perhaps a lack in confidence or low self esteem around women is actually what causes men to go into “flirt mode”, therefore deflecting away from any confidence issues that arise when placed in difficult situations.

RSVP’s dating coach Stephanie Robinson regularly holds personal coaching sessions to help build the confidence of people who struggle in these scenarios.

Booking a session with Steph would certainly help both your confidence and self-esteem. Then afterwards why not test it out the best possible way, by booking on a selection of RSVP singles events?

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hosts Wanted for RSVP Singles Events

Your RSVP needs you
We are currently looking to recruit additional hosts for our RSVP Singles Events in all areas. If you are fun, outgoing, positive, influential, diplomatic, supportive and, above all, an all-round ‘people person’ we’d love to hear from you.

We would also like to re-invigorate our ‘Event Buddy’ scheme, whereby we can put new members in touch with an existing member who could perhaps show them the ropes.

If you have a few RSVP Singles Events under your belt - maybe a singles dinner or two or perhaps one or more of our many singles walks and would be prepared to impart some words of wisdom to a new member to ease them through their first event - or better still get them to attend an event with you - please get in touch with RSVP Events Manager Wendy on 01572 774886.