Wednesday, 26 March 2014

We have moved!

Apologies for the lack of recent posts. We've been busy preparing to move and then moving our Head Office to new premises on the Oakham Enterprise Park. This is the former Ashwell Prison site and RSVP has taken part of what was formerly the medical centre, where prisoners were greeted on arrival.

Our accommodation now better suits our needs. We have a staff room with microwave, dishwasher and relaxation area; this is ideal for staff working in the evening who can enjoy a hot meal in their tea time break.

We've undertaken a fair amount of refurbishment to bring the standard of accommodation up to a decent level; see before and after pics below:
Main office before
Main office now
Main office before
Main office now
Staff room before

Staff room now
Yes, those are bars you can see on the windows. Some occupiers have opted to remove them, but we decided to leave them where they were. You don't notice them after a while - and the insurance people will love them!

We've also taken the opportunity to install a new VOIP phone system, which has some very neat features, like being able to dial from the PC, voicemail to email and the ability to plug a phone in remotely and make and receive calls as if you're in the office. All inbound calls and outbound calls to landlines are routed via the internet. We've also invested in enhanced internal networking to make all this possible.

There have been a few teething problems which have resulted in some days without telephony - so apologies if you called on one of those days. But hopefully we're more or less there now.

Telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged. So if you're calling and looking to join RSVP, please call 01572 774884; if you're already an RSVP member, use 01572 774882; if you're calling about RSVP singles events, you'll need 01572 774881. That'll make sure your call ends up with the right person.

If you need to come and see us - please make an appointment first - details of how to find RSVP are on the RSVP website.