Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Five reasons NOT to start Virtual Dating

01: Myth: It's too complicated to start Virtual Dating

 Virtual dates have become the new normal way of getting to know someone but it needn't be complicated. There are a number of ways to go on a virtual date and you don't need any special software.  You can use Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom or Google Hangouts or even a Netflix Teleparty.  

As an RSVP member, you can call the friendly RSVP team if you need some more help with technology.

02: Myth: A Virtual Date isn't a REAL date

: Virtual dates have become a safe way of getting to know someone, yet still abiding by the regulations. They are a fun and low-pressure way of getting to know someone in the comfort of your own home. And, just think, there's no awkwardness working out who picks up the bill at the end of the night!

Plus remember at RSVP we have met everyone first so you’ll know they’re looking for a serious relationship.

03: Myth: I can't get to know someone if I don't meet in person

he very nature of a virtual date allows you to focus more on the stuff that matters, such as personality and interests rather than height or shoe choice, Also, it can give you a more of a window into their home life. How's the house decorated - do they have interesting art on the walls? You don't get to find that out on a date in the pub! 

And your Dating Consultant at RSVP can help you chose just the right spot in your home for you to be online - to give the very best impression

04: Myth: Awkward silences are bad enough in real life - worse on the internet

The bonus of a virtual date is that it makes it easy to hide that list of ice-breakers you have had time to think about before the date - you can keep them by your side just in case! 

And with RSVP we are always there to help you come up with ideas that really work.

05:  Myth: There's no intimacy without eye contact

uth: Yes, research does suggest that couples that look into each other's eyes can increase their feelings for each other. But the plus for virtual dating is there's much less distraction around than in a public space so you can focus on each other much more.  

The team of experts at RSVP can give you lots of tried and tested ways to make connections on a virtual date.

And if you need more proof that there's no better time to start - have a look at some of RSVP's success stories during lockdown. 

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Online Virtual Singles Events in Lockdown from RSVP

When you can't leave your house, that puts a serious damper on your ability to attend singles events and, with it, your dating life. Of course, that's not the biggest concern during a global pandemic. But human interaction plays a major role in our mental health. That's why Covid isn't stopping singles events at RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club.  

During this time of isolation, the team of Matchmakers at RSVP felt they needed more than ever to help bring people together and build relationships with others on their dating journey. "Right from the first lockdown, we knew it was important to keep that personal connection with our members" said Jacqui, one of RSVP's expert Dating PAs.

"So, RSVP singles events have gone virtual, allowing you to 'meet up' with other singles from the safety of your own home. We provide an excellent and safe way to meet like-minded singles.

"We have been running virtual singles events such as games nights, cocktail evenings, theatre evenings and escape rooms since the first lockdown and they have really helped to keep our members connected during what can be a very lonely time," continues Jacqui. "It makes it all worthwhile when we get feedback like this from one of our members - JG."

Of course, virtual events cannot possibly replace the excitement of meeting face to face, but just think of the advantages! There's no travel time, you get to optimise how you look - taking advantage of good lighting and backgrounds - and you get to meet other single people you may not meet otherwise. Plus it's a way of staying connected and having some fun. And you just might meet Mr or Ms Right!

If we have convinced you that this the perfect time ignite your dating journey, book a zoom chat with our friendly team at RSVP Dating and Singles Club today. This time around, lockdown doesn’t have to feel like a lonely slog, and you can begin building genuine connections through online virtual singles events from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Dating in Lockdown – is it time to connect with other singles?

Here we go again - facing another lockdown! The good news for us at Dating Agency RSVP is that this time the end is in sight with the vaccination programme rolling out across the UK. So maybe now is the time to use the lockdown to connect with other likeminded singles and find someone special. 

Virtual connections have become the new norm since the Covid outbreak. And the great news is that virtual dating allows for time to get to know someone first – which can then continue to blossom after lockdown.

We know that lockdown can be a stressful time for everyone. Whether you are working, home schooling or furloughed and at home alone. Being separated from friends and family and unable to go out and socialise can really take its toll on your mental wellbeing.

Why not make your New Year’s Resolution to make this lockdown a little bit better than the last one and start your dating journey with RSVP Dating Agency?

After all, at RSVP, our expert matchmakers had some great successes during the previous lockdowns. 

RSVP's success rate stems from our friendly team of experts

RSVP Dating Agency offers possibly the easiest and safest way to go virtual dating. It's simple, safe and hassle-free. By using our team of experts to find matches for you, you save so much time. There's no trawling through profiles, no emailing backwards and forwards trying to get a date, no wondering if your profile paints you in the best possible light, no fear that the person's profile you're viewing isn't really who they say they are. You can relax while we do all the legwork for you. All you have to do is arrange the date. 

We will be with you every step of the way and can even help you think of some inventive ideas for “virtual dates” if you are getting on well with someone. Our members have tried lots of things including virtual happy hours, virtual dinners or online games nights. Our team has gathered its top advice for fun virtual date ideas that can bring the two of you closer together, regardless of lockdown!

At RSVP, we can help you get started on your virtual dating journey. We will take our time getting to know you – just as we have all our other members. All we need is about an hour of your time to understand what you're looking for in a partner and what you have to offer. We get to know your hobbies and interests, your personality preferences, your likes and dislikes. All of those criteria are recorded on our sophisticated matchmaking system, which allows our expert matchmakers to select the best possible match at any given moment.

So, if you are thinking of joining us, we can arrange a zoom meeting to keep you safe, so we get to know each other and we can really find out what you are looking for. Our experts will use their skills and knowledge to create the perfect profile for matching you with like-minded people. 

Don't delay - contact RSVP now and arrange a no-obligation chat!