Thursday, 3 December 2015

Dating Fads don't last

We've all been there; dieting fads are the burden of our lives. Our friends join slimming world or start some juicing diet, we start to ponder on whether we ought to do the same - "does my bum look big in this?". Here at dating agency and singles club RSVP, we have noticed it's similar in dating.

From speed dating to internet dating, there are so many fads around. We've delved into the fads of dating and we have found that it is just like fad diets - they all come and go. It's all down to the bandwagon effect, whereby when people uptake the beliefs, ideas and fads, it's more than likely already been adopted by others. As more of us start to believe in something, our friends also tend to "hop on the bandwagon", blind to the underlying evidence. You can read more about the bandwagon effect on Wikipedia here:

Of course, given the option, most of us would go for free diets rather than diets we have to pay for, and it is the same with dating. But, what really works? If it's free it is only going to help you so far, where as if you pay for a service, you generally get that service don't you? So instead of losing 1lb a year, you've lost 2lb this week.

Your friend has just joined a free dieting service; she is so excited and makes it sound amazing! You join, one week later... What diet? You can go for free dating services - there are any number out there - and spend weeks of your precious life messaging people but never meet anyone, or you could pay for a service such as RSVP and meet new people at RSVP's hosted singles events or through one-to-one matches from our team of matchmaking experts! Plus, when something's free, anyone can join - and anyone does; but there's no guarantee they are who they say they are. By contrast, every RSVP member you meet or speak to are actually who they say they are. We know because we've met them; every one of them.

People disguise their identity and characteristics through the internet, making them seem more eligible than they really are! Men tend to lie about their height and send you older photos of themselves when they were a bit more trim and had more hair; women tend to lie about their weight and again, use older photos. At RSVP, we have met every single one of our members and prospective members, we know who they are, where they live and what they're like. And we prepare the profiles, so there are none of those fibs you get in internet dating.

A fad is a fad because it doesn't last. RSVP was established in 1992, so we've already outlived mot of the dating fads you'll have come across. Furthermore, RSVP memberships are lifetime memberships, lasting as long as you do. You could put an end to your list of dating fads if you join us here at RSVP. You could be meeting your Mr or Ms Right in no time.