Thursday, 5 January 2017

Avoid Internet Dating Crime

Have you ever thought about how many people are part of the online community? Some people don’t remember a time before the internet; it is the ‘norm’ nowadays.

So, I found it interesting, if not a little surprising, that we let our guard down so easily, because we think that being ‘friends’ on social media equates to trust; after all, we see all the posts and pictures right?

Have you ever had that call or text (all in caps lock) from your parents or grandparents, saying that they have had an email or a call from the bank, asking for passwords or telling them that they need to make a payment, which of course they did, or they clicked on that strange link in the email? We have all had that ‘oh please tell me you didn’t’ moment.

Now, stop. What makes that ‘oh please tell me you didn’t’ moment any different when you decide to meet the person you have been talking to for days or weeks online.

At Dating Agency and Singles Club RSVP, even though we’re not into internet dating, we hear such horror stories all the time. No wonder the National Crime Agency (NCA) recently published a report that should be mandatory reading for all internet daters:

One key statistic is that 72% of internet-dating-based sexual assaults took place in someone’s residence. Maybe this era of laid back keyboard dating is one of the culprits, aiding us to drop our barriers; after all, we are constantly warned of the dangers of being scammed out of money or possessions, so maybe these drown out other risks that lurk beyond the monitor. The key message from the NCA – and from RSVP – is: do not go to the home of someone you have never met – or invite them to yours. Always meet in a public place first – and probably on the second date too.

If this all sounds far too risky, don’t forget that traditional dating agencies such as RSVP offer a safe environment to meet potential partners – either one-to-one or at hosted singles events. You’ll only meet people we’ve already met and vetted. You can trust RSVP to minimise the risks, leaving you to enjoy the experience.