Friday, 19 October 2018

Does age really matter when it comes to relationships?

When it comes to dating, there are a few unspoken rules about what is and isn’t an acceptable age gap between partners. Dating someone who’s your age and a few years older or younger is seen as normal. Dating someone who is more than a decade younger than you, you’re seen as a cradle snatcher. Dating someone who’s considerably older than you, your actions are seen as less than innocent.  But despite all of the unspoken rules, does age really matter when it comes to relationships?
At RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club, age is something that is discussed on a daily basis. When our experienced Dating Consultants meet with new members, they work with them to set out their criteria including the age ranges that they are looking for but they also know that at the end of the day, age is just a number.
We have so many success stories where members have set their age range for potential introductions but then attended one of our hosted singles events or received an introduction and proceeded to spark up a relationship with somebody who is older or younger than the age they specified – and most of the times they would never have been able to tell if we hadn’t informed them of the age.
Over our 26 years, we have learnt that age; just like height, dress size and distance, really is just a number. When it comes down to it, if everything else fits the bill do you really want to turn down the chance that they could be the one, all for the sake of a number?
At RSVP, we take a holistic approach to dating and look at each member and potential match on a whole rather than just focusing on specific details. Whilst age is a factor in the matching process, learning from experience our matchmakers know that the age of a person doesn’t just come down to how many years they’ve been alive, it comes down to your mental age, energy levels and health, your lifestyle and most importantly your outlook on life. At the end of the day if you meet someone who matches up to all of these, surely that is more important than dating someone who fits your age criteria but nothing else.
If you would like to find out more about our services and find out how our expert Dating Consultants can find the right match for you, then contact us today.

Friday, 5 October 2018

A Flash Back to The Early Days of RSVP

Not many people realise, when enquiring to join RSVP Singles Club and Introduction Agency, that we have been running since 1992. Over this time, the dating landscape has undoubtedly changed significantly. However, what people are seeking remains the same. It goes without saying, that they are looking for 'their one'.

RSVP is a well established, traditional Dating Agency, that has successfully built up a large database of lifetime members. We offer both specialist matchmaking and singles events. We have proudly helped create countless happy-ever-after stories; take a look at some of the many RSVP success stories.

Since 1992, we have seen plenty of dating agencies, dating apps and dating websites come and go. We want to be known for being the introduction agency that really cares about our members. We care if you were on your own last Christmas, New Years Eve or Valentine’s Day. We not only strive to help you find that special someone, we also hope to get you out and about and meeting other members.

We send out a seasonal quarterly singles events calendar to all our active members. In the early RSVP days, this was just a photocopied sheet of events each month. Obviously now, emailing is an important and efficient form of communication for us. Members can browse, view and book all of our upcoming singles events online. However, it is still important to us to produce a calendar for members to read through at their leisure and not have to rely on a wifi connection. The quarterly calendar we currently produce is now professionally printed and in colour - oh how times have changed! Over the years, RSVP singles events have become more frequent and we have learned the types of things our members enjoy doing. We also listen to members' suggestions on things to try, too, and often include these.

When RSVP was born, the internet was in its infancy and RSVP operated differently. However, the aims for both the members and the RSVP team of matchmakers remain the same. Benefit from all this experience yourself and get started with RSVP today