Wednesday, 17 April 2019

How Successful is RSVP?

At RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club, we are frequently asked what our ‘success rate’ is by prospective members. What a difficult question to answer and it doesn’t get easier in our 27 years of business. This completely depends on how you define success. It isn’t as simple as asking a driving instructor what their pass rate is. Typically, people who are enquiring to join a Dating Agency ask something along the lines of one of the below:
-How many marriages are you responsible for?

-How many couples have got together through RSVP singles events or Introductions?

-How many RSVP couples have started a family?

So why is it so difficult to answer those questions?

Firstly, whilst we always love to hear back from members who have met their partner through us, they don’t always tell us. However, some members do keep in touch and share their success stories. RSVP's teams of experts are always delighted to receive invitations to our member’s weddings, or just little updates such as receiving postcards, letters, photos and emails from members who have met partners through us. At our head office, we have an overflowing ‘Happy Board’ full of correspondence from satisfied members.

Recently, we received the below email from a member who is now in a relationship wishing to put his account on hold: 

"...Hi Michelle,
I'm e-mailing you to ask you to put my membership on hold because I have surprised myself by finding a girlfriend. I didn't meet her at RSVP, it was at my dancing group which I attend almost every Wednesday night.
However I want you to know that that if it wasn't for RSVP the relationship would probably never have happened. By attending RSVP events, reading your Matchmakers blog and being matched with some of your lovely lady members, I was able to regain my confidence and ask my girlfriend out on a date. That first date was two months ago and since then we have been seeing each other as much as possible.
I'm going to miss the RSVP events. They were always good and well organised. Well done to you and the rest of the RSVP team, you are all doing a fantastic job.
Bye for now David*..."

The other reason for us finding the answer difficult is that success is more than bringing couples together. On plenty of occasions, we have had so many members like David*, who have remarked upon how joining RSVP, speaking regularly to head office staff alongside attending RSVP singles events has guided and supported them as members, and has given them back confidence they had lost. Understandably, we know that dating can feel difficult after years of not dating; we do advise that the more you put in at RSVP the more you will get out of your membership.

So consequently, we don’t know the specifics and can’t give you an accurate estimate of how many couples we have directly bought together. Over the 27 years of RSVP there have been so many. But, more importantly, at RSVP, we are here to help you on your dating journey and to try and help you enjoy the route to ‘finding your one’.

And the most important thing I have learnt in the last year of working at RSVP is not to focus on the end goal too much, and to enjoy each step in the path on your way.

To find out more about how to start your dating journey with RSVP, provide us with a few details about yourself and one of our friendly team of experts will get in touch.