Thursday, 5 April 2018

More Online Dating Fraud

We have all heard the scare stories in the media of the perils of meeting people on line. With, seemingly every month, another new app or dating website popping up, there really is a lot of choice out there. But is one better than the other and do they all come with the same warnings? Here at RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club we meet real people, in real time. We interview everyone and they often tell us of their online dating horror stories.

One lady we interviewed had met a guy on a popular, free website and spent months – yes, months – corresponding with him via email. We’ll call him Bernard. As the messages flew back and forth the emotional connection (and the time invested) grew. After Bernard sent some images of himself, a well-meaning friend of our prospective client used Google’s Reverse Image Search to discover that Bernard was, in real life, a dancer in New York and actually not residing locally as she first thought. When she asked him why, Bernard closed his email account and she never heard from him again. She was lucky. She only wasted months of her time.

Another gentleman we interviewed met a girl on line and spoke to her on the telephone. After no response to his texts for a couple of days, she eventually made contact asking for £2,000, stating that she was stranded abroad after having her bag supposedly stolen. Thankfully, he declined her kind offer .... but will the next chap she approaches be so savvy?

As an industry leader in dating for over 25 years, RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club is often asked to comment about national news stories. Michelle recently offered BBC Radio Leicester listeners advice on online dating fraud.

If you value your confidentiality, your time, your wealth and, ultimately, your safety, contact RSVP to arrange an interview with one of our dedicated Dating Consultants and let the professionals find you love.