Thursday, 28 April 2016

Stranger Danger - staying safe online dating

It’s scary out there in the world of online dating. But here at RSVP singles club and dating agency, we are able to offer a safety net. 
Think back to your childhood for a minute; what message was instilled into you, by your parents, grandparents and teachers at school? 
With the advent of the internet, has this message managed to become a little confusing to us all? So we are not supposed to talk to strangers, take sweets, follow them to their cars to look at cute Kittens or Puppies, but we can talk to anyone on the internet? Is that safe? Well, what harm will it do? They can’t even see me. I mean Strangers are only friends that we haven’t met yet, right? If we don’t take a risk we wouldn’t have any friends or relationships.
I’m a sensible man, successful career, been there, done that, seen it all, I understand the 6 Ps -
  • Prior
  • Preparation
  • Prevents
  • P*ss
  • Poor
  • Performance
So what is the attraction? Simple: it’s the instant gratification that we feel when chatting online. Maybe we need to slow down and believe that we can’t rush something that we expect to last forever. 
We all think it won’t happen to me and internet dating works for many; in no way am I suggesting it doesn’t, however I hope I have given you food for thought... 
Take a peek at your own online profile – does it need an MOT or a few safety checks? Are you flaunting your wealth? Is the attractive young woman who’s messaging you absolutely stunning – and perhaps more so that you could reasonably expect in a partner? Is it all too good to be true? 
Happy Dating.