Thursday, 15 December 2016

Is it because I'm a Londoner

Winston Churchill. How many of you would associate this man with modern dating?

Not me, for sure. That is until I attended a fabulous RSVP Singles Event in London at the Churchill War Rooms hosted by yours truly. We all met outside and introduced ourselves, before heading into the venue. Inside, we were talked through a short film and a tour guide gave us an overview of what the War Rooms were about, how they downed tools after the war, locked up and no one returned for 40 years. They were opened to the public on the orders of Margaret Thatcher.

Armed with our audio guides we all started to wander around; we didn’t stay as a group; we all took our time and bumped into each other, stopping for a catch up in the tea room, before continuing the tour. It was fascinating.

After a full morning, we headed to the pub for lunch, where there was lots of banter and laughs, as well as great food. After a few drinks, we talked about other RSVP Singles Events we would attend. Definitely a good day all round.

I can honestly say by the end of the day, it felt like a group of friends had shared a great day out. Singles events can seem daunting and maybe you think they would feel staged. Absolutely not. RSVP Singles Events are designed to be as natural and relaxed as we can make them; and the test is: ‘does it feel like a group of friends going out?’ This singles event felt just like that; in fact, I cannot wait to get out again.