Friday, 28 July 2017

Whatever happened to marrying for love?

RSVP dating agency and singles club’s team of expert matchmakers likes to do plenty of background research. As a result, I read an article in The Mirror recently that saddened me and got me thinking ‘does anybody marry for love anymore?’

In the article, a wealthy 70-year-old businessman was advertising for a bride to share his life and his two stately homes, but there was a catch – she had to be young enough to promise him an heir. Now as a matchmaker, this raised two key questions for me. What type of people is this method of promotion going to attract? How can you marry somebody knowing that they are only with you for the money and lifestyle that you have promised them?
Now while we can remain hopeful that this eligible bachelor will find what he is looking for and maybe even love, I can’t help but be sceptical when it comes to marriages of convenience. In order to make a marriage work there has to be an element of compatibility, and surely no matter how good the deal seems on paper, if there is no compatibility one or both parties will crack under the pressure after a while.
RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club members have shared with us their engagements, marriages and babies. Our experienced dating consultants have been there from day one providing the introductions and coaching them until they find the one that they would like to experience life’s greatest moments with.
At RSVP, we believe in love and so do our members. We take into consideration the things that matter most and work with you to find the perfect match for you. RSVP relationships are built on love and trust and not merely a relationship of convenience.
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