Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Enjoy the summer with RSVP singles events

When the events team here at RSVP set about the task of putting together our singles events calendar, we consider including many different types of events and activities. Both our singles events members and dedicated RSVP hosts put forward many great suggestions which we would love to include, although many of them are dependant on the great British weather!

So now that preparation has started on the summer editions of our calendar, we can start to look at booking more outdoor activities which give our members the opportunity to socialise amongst fellow like minded singles whilst enjoying some much needed sunshine.

Our latest calendar reflects this for the upcoming months with some fantastic, eagerly awaited outdoor events. For our Leicester singles club members, an evening's horse racing at Leicester Racecourse followed by live entertainment from Rick Astley and Bananarama already looks to be one of the most popular with tickets running out fast!

The more adventurous and somewhat braver of our members are also keenly awaiting the trial flight at Buckminster Gliding Club - a excellent Lincolnshire singles event location. This is an ever popular event which allows our members the chance to share a once in a lifetime experience. Events such as this certainly give members a good topic to begin conversation with each other and we continue to receive great feedback, as well as some fantastic pictures!

Another great feature of being an RSVP events member is that you are not restricted to attending events just in your area. Frequently our members enjoy travelling to London to attend a variety of London singles activities ranging from tours, shows and walks to the more traditional evening meals. Already very much in demand for June is the Undiscovered East End Tour of London, where you get the chance to visit hidden locations off the tourist trail and hear harrowing stories about East End gangsters.

These are just some of the many events available to RSVP singles events members. So why wait, request a sample calendar today to see what other great events and activities you too could also be attending this summer and beyond!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

All the world's a stage!

It might go by different names including The Law of Attraction, the Golden Rule, or even Karma but, simply put, if you want a positive outcome, you need to attract what you want into your life by aligning your thoughts to the outcome you are looking for. Positive thinking works!

Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I like to set myself challenges. I believe that life is for living and I don’t want to sit in my rocking chair as an old woman thinking about all the things I wish that I had achieved. However, when I was young I would always think about the negative and was afraid to try new things because I was worried about failing or about people laughing at me. What I have discovered with age is that people may well laugh at me when I try things – but I laugh a whole lot more myself – and that makes me feel great! So, I have tried to concentrate on the positive feelings in my heart and thoughts in my mind and rather than worry about what others might say about me I know think about my own future and how I want to feel, as well as what I want to accomplish.

So, now, I pay attention to those feelings that leave me feeling good and not to those that don’t. This can be most clearly demonstrated last week, when I appeared in an amateur production of Anything Goes. I love to dance and perform but, as a youngster, I never had the confidence to stand on stage and do so – my performances were restricted to my bedroom. Since reaching 40, I have decided to get rid of that demon and do some of the things I never had the guts to do. So, I have now taken some dancing exams and have sung and danced in front of an audience. Yes I was nervous – but I did it! And what a feeling it has left with me.

So, why am I telling you about this? Well, we are always talking to our RSVP members to get out on our many singles events because we know it is such a great way to meet potential new partners. And many of our members are initially horrified at the thought. But, if I can get up on stage and dance – you can come along to a singles event! What’s the worst that can happen? You might just have some fun!

And, take the moment I forgot my steps in the middle of a dance; I thought everyone would notice, but, actually, if I hadn’t mentioned it, no-one would have noticed! I just kept smiling and carried on!

So how do you cope with attending a hosted event where you don’t know anyone? You want to make sure you are really focusing on the positive outcomes and do your best to push the negative out of your mind. The huge benefit with RSVP singles events is that everyone's single, so they're all in the same boat as you; the big negative thought that the person you approach is already attached just isn't there. The positive thoughts will make you much more receptive to experiencing positive feelings. Then you will start to relax and enjoy yourself. And when you are smiling and having a good time you are much more attractive to others.  

And remember that seemingly unrelated and inconsequential encounters can have a great significance as you pursue your dreams. You might not meet the partner of your dreams at your first event - though there are plenty of RSVP success stories where that has happened - but you'll surely make some more friends and they may know someone who might be just right for you. In today’s world of instant gratification and microwave popcorn, we need to take more time to focus on persistence while we remember that those things that happen easiest or fastest are often not the best.

How successful is RSVP?

One of the questions I am often asked is how successful we are? There are lots of ways to answer that depending on what question is really being asked? Some people want to be reassured that they are joining a real organisation with a good reputation, especially if they have had a bad experience with an online site. RSVP has been successfully matching people for over twenty years and many of our new clients come to us as recommendations from friends and family who met their partners through RSVP.

Other people are curious about the nitty gritty of their membership; how can we run so many events? How does the matching process really work? I think that the popularity of our hosted events is due partly to the variety of activities offered in each RSVP singles events calendar, partly to the care we take to keep a good male to female ratio of attendees and partly because all events are run by an experienced host. As to the matching process, I think the secret is simple: its done by real people not just by entering search-terms into a database. All of our matchmakers are experienced at looking at your personality, your qualities and interests and are experts at predicting who will get on well and how to avoid those bad dates.

Most commonly though, the question really being asked is will I really meet my partner? Of course we can't give guarantees; love is not that predictable but yes it really does work. We have many many success stories of happy couples in lasting relationships. Sometimes this happens quickly; more often it takes a bit more time but each week couples put their membership on hold to concentrate on their new relationships. Many couples meet through their introductions. For others attraction happens on events; sometimes in an instant and other times as a slow burn. Someone told me recently how friendship turned to love quite unexpectedly after over a year of casual meetings at various events.

So although there are no certainties in life the more you put in the more you get out so why not give RSVP a try and see if you could be one of our future success stories?