Friday, 3 April 2015

Voicemails and dating

As a responsible dating agency and singles club, at RSVP we always aim to equip our members with what it takes to get the best from dating. And, at some point in many dating scenarios, you’re likely to have to make contact with your potential date by phone.

If you type into your favourite search engine anything connected with “dating” and “voicemails”, you will find a multitude of self-help articles, forums and postings ranging from expressing anxiety to the simple how-tos. In this communication-savvy age of social media, it’s surprising that there is still so much worry about leaving voicemails, technology that has been around since the 1970s.
Perhaps due to the surplus of different methods of communication, the need to leave voicemails has declined, and this is even true in the business world, with many like Michael Brandenburg writing blog posts about the waning moon of voicemails and how phone calls are normally anticipated due to a preliminary form of communication coming first.

At RSVP we advise our members to manage that first contact with their matches. Once the RSVP matching team has selected the match and gained permission from both parties to give one of them a phone number, some of our new members may be baffled as to how to proceed, until they read our members guide. The advice we give is to always send a nice friendly text to the other person to introduce yourself and to arrange a good time to call. After all, many of our members are busy working professionals, and it is considerate to find a time when both people are able to give their attention to the phone call, which ideally would be the first of many. The other upside of this is that by texting first, you can avoid the dreaded voicemail!

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