Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ashley Madison: Be Careful What You Put Online

Here at RSVP Dating Agency and Singles club, our team of expert matchmakers likes to keep up-to-date with all the recent developments in the world of dating and research into the psychology of looking for love. It was therefore hard to miss the collective sharp intake of breath as hackers threatened to release details of users of Ashley Madison affairs website, including ‘profiles ... secret sexual fantasies ... real names and addresses’.

Whilst we’re unlikely to be condoning affairs as a way to a long and happy relationship, the whole episode provides a salutary reminder of what not to share online. It’s at moments like these that the privacy and protection of offline dating agencies comes to the fore.

RSVP offers members a completely confidential service. Thanks to RSVP's interview and selection process, you can rely on RSVP members being genuinely single. Members can also rely on us keeping their details to ourselves; they’re not published on any websites. We believe that looking for a relationship should be a private, reflective experience, and not something to be shared with all and sundry.

Our message to the millions of genuinely single internet daters out there is simple: if you want to be sure your dating journey will be kept private, trust it to RSVP. Ashley Madison users, regrettably, we’re unlikely to be able to help.

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