Friday, 2 October 2015

The science behind why love can enhance your senses

Love is a weird and wonderful thing, as we often consider, here at RSVP dating agency and singles club.

We are all actively seeking love, motivated by the wanting and the craving. Why? You ask. Because love is what makes the world 'go round'.

There is more to it than meets the eye. Love is the fundamental source of our bodily power. It is the human species equivalent to a super power - the closest you and I will ever get to being Batman or Superman!

Think about the last time you felt love, maybe with a significant other or your cat. When you look around you - everything seems to be in HD, colours are brighter, sounds are clearer, things you used to struggle with are no longer a struggle. When you have love in your life, you are a stronger you, the most amazing you that you can be.

And it's not all in your head! There are justifiable, scientifically backed answers for all of these ways that your senses become enhanced when you are in love.

Serotonin is a chemical in which we make in our brain. It is the voice of calm and helps ease anxiety. Although when you are in love, your levels of serotonin drop - which then makes you think more clearly and promptly. Which is why when we are in love, we can recall every single thing - from the sound of their voice or they way they hold your hand on the walk home.

Love banishes the negative Nancy in our heads. When dating someone, you tend to focus on the things that make them 'oh so great'. 

Your hearing naturally enhances because your brain is extra focused on your surroundings. It is your mind wanting to replay every last thing in which you are experiencing so that you can save it and think about it later.

As we said before, love can make you feel quite literally superhuman. Say hello to dopamine. Dopamine is what makes the feeling of love become your new addiction. It allows you to face your day to day worries with a positive you, rather than an anxious you.

So, science, you have wowed us with your powers. And, particularly, the Power of Love.

You could be the next one to experience your life in High Definition.With the help from our friendly team of matchmaking experts here at RSVP, you could be on your journey to feeling more like Batman or Superman.

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