Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Beating the odds

Have you ever thought you are the only single person on the planet? Then just when you finally think you may have found ‘the one’, they get snapped up from under you? Let’s be honest, when that happens, you automatically assume that there’s something wrong with you as a person. You go on a soul-search and find faults that aren’t actually there, plus a whole lot that are beyond your control. It’s pretty easy to find evidence for anything that you have programmed yourself to believe.

However…a recent article on Beating the Odds of Finding Mr Right by Jon Birger For The Daily Mail shows how mature single women in the UK outnumber men by almost a million. And this effect is exaggerated when women specify certain criteria in their perfect male partner, like a degree, for example. Plus, the situation worsens as you get older.

I found this article really intriguing, as a professional matchmaker for Dating Agency and Singles Club RSVP. It can be a common misconception that Dating Agencies struggle to attract men, so it’s something of a breath of fresh air to have these statistics out in the open. If I were the one searching, I would definitely want a team of professional matchmaking experts on my side searching for that special person on my behalf, as well as providing guidance to help me get the best out of every match. It’d certainly save wasting my time looking for a needle in a hay stack!

Although the Beating the Odds of Finding Mr Right article gives some good ways to find love, I wonder how many of us actually want to change our routines to find love? Love is acceptance, after all. I just know that mature single women need all the professional help they can get in finding a partner. And the matchmaking experts at RSVP are ready and willing to provide that help.

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