Monday, 25 September 2017

The New RSVP Singles Events Calendar

Avoid hibernation this autumn, if you are single! The RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club's Autumn Calendar has only just landed on our members' doormats and already events are getting booked up.

Typically during the winter time, we all get out less and tend to hide away - even more so if you happen to be single. So many RSVP members say before joining that they want to go out more and do different things, but not being a part of a couple holds them back. At RSVP, we typically have a calendar of 25-30 Singles Events per month, to suit different tastes; for instance we have meals of different cuisines, casual drink catch ups, singles walks, tours, activities such as climbing, flying...and so many more.
To give you a taste of what we have in coming up in our October – December calendar, here are a few highlights: 
  • A Walking Tour around London Zoo, complete with specialist tour guide to give you all the interesting facts and details of the fantastic London Zoo.
  • Champagne Sunset at The Shard. This event was so popular in the previous calendar we have brought it back.  
  • Skiing Lessons - great for our snow loving members!  
  • A tour of The London Underground is always unmissable - one of many RSVP singles events in London
  • For our culture vultures, a Globe Theatre Exhibition. 
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Flight Simulator Experience...
And there are so many more RSVP Exclusives I could discuss. This doesn’t even include our regular weekly Mix and Mingles, meals at fantastic restaurants and our monthly bowling nights.

An RSVP singles events calendar would not be the same without our quarterly Singles Balls - a great RSVP singles event in Northamptonshire - and what a lovely excuse to get all dressed up! This year we have a brand new Pre-Ball Mix and Mingle of Cocktail Making Classes. We have had so many bookings already for the ball, we hope our members can all attend.
Additionally, all RSVP Singles Events are hosted; there is someone to welcome you to every RSVP Singles Event and we have a Hosts page on our member’s website, so you know who to look out for. You also have peace of mind that all of our members attending singles events have been met by our very experienced Dating Consultants and are who they say are.

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