Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Is there a formula to finding love?

RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club’s team of expert matchmakers like to do plenty of research into finding love and there are numerous theories and speculations out there on the subject of finding the perfect partner. I watched a talk recently in which Mathematician Hannah Fry portrays patterns in how we look for loveIn the talk she discussed a paper that she had read entitled ‘Why I don’t have a girlfriend by Peter Brakus.’ In the paper Peter tries to rate his chance of finding love. Of all the women available to him in the UK, all Peter is looking for is

·         someone who lives near him,
·         someone in his age range,
·         someone with a university degree,
·         someone he is likely to get on well with,
·         someone who is likely to be attractive,
·         and someone who is likely to find him attractive

From this he comes up with an estimate of 26 women. To put that into perspective that gives Peter a 1 in 285,000 chance of bumping into any one of these special ladies on a night out.
As a matchmaker, I could see where he was coming from. After all dating really is a numbers game and the more you define your expectations, the smaller that pool of potential partners becomes. But, is there a formula we could use to pick the perfect partner? And, is there a right time to settle down?
Generally, you’re not advised to cash in and marry the first person who comes along and shows you some interest; but, equally, you don’t want to leave it too long if you want to maximise your chance of long-term happiness. Let’s imagine you start dating when you are 15 and, ideally, you’d like to be married by the time you’re 35.  There’s a number of people that you could date during that time and they will be at varying levels of suitability. According to Hannah, what you should do is, in the first 37% of your dating window, reject everybody. Then, you should pick the next person that comes along who is better than everybody you have seen before.

Although it seems mad, as humans we already do this subconsciously. We play the field when we are young and only really start thinking about marriage in our mid to late 20s. This is where RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club can help. We take the hard work out of the numbers game of dating for you, taking into consideration the things that matter most and work with you to find the perfect match.

At RSVP, we believe in love and so do our members. Over the last 25 years they have shared with us their engagements, marriages and babies. Our experienced dating consultants have been there from day one, providing introductions and coaching them until they find the one that they would like to experience life’s greatest moments with.
If you want to find out more about our services and the memberships on offer, please contact RSVP here.

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