Thursday, 11 February 2021

What distance are you willing to travel to meet that special someone?

At RSVP Dating Agency and Singles Club, age is something that is discussed on a daily basis. When our
experienced Dating Consultants meet with new members, they work with them to set out their criteria including how far are you willing to travel to meet someone.  Is 20 miles from your house or less the perfect distance, or are you willing to look at 50 or even 100 miles from where you live?

We like to think we act GLOBALLY, but we often end up acting LOCALLY.

But it is really important to consider the decision you make as it will determine the available pool of candidates to pull from. It's true that it is much easier to meet someone for a lunch date or a cup of coffee the nearer to you that they live, however you really don't want to limit your options. Distance can make a huge difference. If you’re prepared to see people who live 100 miles away (you only need travel 50 miles if you meet half way), you’re covering an area four times bigger - with probably four times as many potential matches in it - than if you specify 50 miles.

So if you really are looking for a soul mate or long term partner you need to be realistic that the ideal person for you might be some distance away. After all, you haven’t met them yet! And with so many new ways to stay in contact virtually these days, distance need not be a barrier.

We have so many dating success stories where members have set their mileage range for potential introductions but then attended one of our hosted singles events or received an introduction outside their initial request where romance blossomed and the distance failed to matter .

Over our 29 years, we have learnt that distance; just like height, dress size and age, really is just a number. When it comes down to it, if everything else fits the bill do you really want to turn down the chance that they could be the one, all for the sake of a number?

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