Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How successful is RSVP?

One of the questions I am often asked is how successful we are? There are lots of ways to answer that depending on what question is really being asked? Some people want to be reassured that they are joining a real organisation with a good reputation, especially if they have had a bad experience with an online site. RSVP has been successfully matching people for over twenty years and many of our new clients come to us as recommendations from friends and family who met their partners through RSVP.

Other people are curious about the nitty gritty of their membership; how can we run so many events? How does the matching process really work? I think that the popularity of our hosted events is due partly to the variety of activities offered in each RSVP singles events calendar, partly to the care we take to keep a good male to female ratio of attendees and partly because all events are run by an experienced host. As to the matching process, I think the secret is simple: its done by real people not just by entering search-terms into a database. All of our matchmakers are experienced at looking at your personality, your qualities and interests and are experts at predicting who will get on well and how to avoid those bad dates.

Most commonly though, the question really being asked is will I really meet my partner? Of course we can't give guarantees; love is not that predictable but yes it really does work. We have many many success stories of happy couples in lasting relationships. Sometimes this happens quickly; more often it takes a bit more time but each week couples put their membership on hold to concentrate on their new relationships. Many couples meet through their introductions. For others attraction happens on events; sometimes in an instant and other times as a slow burn. Someone told me recently how friendship turned to love quite unexpectedly after over a year of casual meetings at various events.

So although there are no certainties in life the more you put in the more you get out so why not give RSVP a try and see if you could be one of our future success stories?

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