Friday, 12 August 2016

First Impressions

We are constantly told that first impressions count. It could be a job interview, meeting the neighbours, first day at work/school, the first step, first date, or that first time meeting the parents. So many firsts to think of.

I was intrigued to read an article in the Mail Online that shared Kathryn Alice’s (author of “Love will find you”) five-step formula to make a good and lasting impression. She promises it will help you become an expert at connecting with those you believe to be a 10.
1 Build yourself up internally – there is no rejection; just the wrong fit

2 Connect Subtly – Eye Contact and Smile

3 Chat matter-of-factly – making comment on things around you

4 Once emotional safety has been established, you can build on it – asking questions

5 Bring it home by furthering contact – Connect on Facebook

The beauty of this day and age is that we no longer have to take these firsts alone. For instance, at RSVP dating agency and singles club, you’ll find a team of expert matchmakers with a positive and cheery disposition, ready to help you along on your ’firsts’ journey.

The list above is fairly straight forward and full of common sense, which we all display very little of when we are bowled over by someone. This is where using a professional matchmaking service can be the voice of reason. However, I must say that my top 5 wouldn’t involve social media so soon.

Dating is unique; there is no one size fits all; therefore, I am 100% behind step one – you must learn to love yourself from the inside out to enable someone else to love you.

You could also put these skills into practice at one of RSVP’s exclusive singles events, such as a grand ball, with the support of a seasoned host.

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