Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Friendship and dating

Can a close opposite gender friendship survive dating?

A question that I don’t think can be answered fully. As in life we are all unique and we all have a different view of what’s ‘normal’.

But, let’s think about this for a moment, shall we? What makes us choose a person and think to ourselves ‘I’ll keep this one as just a friend and share memories, maybe grab some food and have fun with’?

Is having an opposite gender best friend disrespectful to a potential romantic partner?

Here at dating agency and singles club RSVP, we know that people from all over our database have sought advice on this subject, more so in recent times, now that people are more accepting.

When you join a dating agency and singles club like RSVP, you are ultimately seeking a romance. But, hold on a minute. This guy is telling me he has made some male and female friends and actually his ‘best friend’ is also female – that green-eyed monster appears. 

Ladies, the beauty of a traditional matchmaking service, is that these men have invested not only their time and money, but have sought professional dating assistance. If there were any romantic connection with his ‘best-friend’, surely he wouldn’t have needed to take that step.

And, gents, the same goes for the opposite. If the lady whose attention you seek wanted to date her best friend, she certainly wouldn’t waste her money on dating; she would be buying handbags and shoes, spending all her time convincing her male friend to look no further.

The more friends you make in life, the more your circle widens, thus opportunities arise. At RSVP dating agency and singles club, we actively encourage you to come out and met new people at our events; think of the stories you are creating. How unique to say our romance blossomed after meeting a new friend on an RSVP F1 Racing Simulator and Rock Climbing singles event in Bedford, who just happened to have a friend who was perfect for me? That’s an opportunity that would have not arisen if it wasn’t for a little help from our friends.

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