Friday, 23 April 2021

Dating with a disability

In the RSVP office yesterday, we turned on the radio and listened to a segment on BBC Radio 2. Jeremy Vine was talking with individuals who are living with various disabilities and unfortunately have encountered discrimination and prejudice on their dating journeys. Here at RSVP we fully support all those on their dating journey; we understand the difficulties and barriers often faced, for numerous reasons, so we continue to guide those who join us in their quest to find love and companionship.

We pride ourselves on our offline dating approach, getting to know members well to better match them
with potential partners. We understand that dating with a disability can be an isolating experience; but we also know how to guide all of our members through their dating journey, shining a light on their strengths and maximising their potential.

Research suggests that the breaking down of misconceptions is key to alleviating any misgivings people may have around dating someone with a disability. It is important to view a disability as you would any other aspect of a person; it doesn’t define who they are and nor should it. Dating someone with a disability doesn’t mean you can’t access the majority of dates you would with anyone else; cinemas, restaurants, sporting events, theatres and weekend breaks are all accessible, don’t let a snap judgement prevent you from meeting and dating someone incredible!

Also, remember not to group everyone together into the same cohort, just as we wouldn’t put everyone with brown hair in a segregated group, why should you for those with a disability? Every individual is just that; individual, unique and different from the next person; don’t do people a disservice by not allowing yourself to get to know them based on something which could be relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Our Singles Events membership allows individuals from all facets of life to get come together, have fun and hopefully experience something new. The group activities for singles that we arrange break the ice and create a space where everyone can flourish, while meeting people they perhaps would have discounted in the first instance. RSVP events are open to all members which gives opportunities to socialise with individuals outside of our preconceived ‘wish list’; you could meet someone wonderful and unexpected!

While dating with a disability undoubtedly comes with its challenges, here at RSVP we believe everyone can have success on their dating journey. Your Mr or Mrs Right is out there! Be thankful to those who have passed you by previously, they have left you available and ready for the right person when they come along; they may simply be taking their time on their own journey to find you.

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