Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Love is what makes us Human...

...Isn’t that what we say? So, why do we trust online dating apps to do that one thing that needs human interaction? At RSVP we add that human touch by meeting everyone before they join RSVP.  And, whatever Dating membership you chose, we hand-pick introductions for you. How can a computer know what’s right for you?

Long live good old fashioned customer service!

Tech is important for successful customer service experiences today. But it is not, the star of your service – nor should it be! Old-fashioned customer service is not going out of style. You are human, so why wouldn’t a human be dealing with your inquiry? Our members want to talk to a real person when dating.

Swipe left, swipe right....

By swiping left or right you may have just said goodbye to the person of your dreams or said yes to a person who is not what you are looking for.  By hand-picking introductions, we save you time by investing our time into your introduction.  Every person is different and only a human can understand this.  All relationships are unique and using a human touch to source your introduction is the only way to get you closer to your goal.

You are not a number….

When a member or potential member reaches out for service, they do not want to be treated like just another number. Our members and customers mean a lot to us, they are not just data. How can a computer, with no feelings or any relations with humans, determine the right person for you? The human touch in customer service refers to the flexibility and empathy with which customers want to be treated. Technology is efficient but often fails on all these subtle service fronts. 

Press 1, press 2, press 3….

Software designed to deal with humans, such as chat-bots, simply cannot offer the nuances of human touch. Whilst chat-bots are beginning to learn how to recognize clients, they do not provide the complexity a human can. The human touch enables RSVP to build relationships with their members.  It nurtures trust and respect and customer loyalty. It demonstrates to customers that they are valued and it is the driving force that turns a functional customer service interaction into a memorable one. People do not remember the details of a situation, but they remember how they felt.  So, creating the human touch in a dating service is, in part, about recognizing, validating and appeasing the emotions of each member. 

Flexibility in member’s service is a major aspect of creating both the human touch, and great service.  Here at RSVP our member advisors and Dating PAs provide flexibility and can think outside the box, to find compromises and the right solutions for each member. After all, not everyone’s dating journey is the same, right?

With all this considered, it is no surprise that the human touch has been coined as a “luxury” in customer service. RSVP is long established Dating Agency and has 29 years’ experience and has always given members a human experience and we will continue to do so.  We have always delivered this personal human touch and believe that by doing so we get you closer to your dating goal.



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