Thursday, 9 February 2012

Book Review: Simply Irresistible: The Psychology Of Seduction by Dr Raj Persaud

Want to know how to catch and keep your ideal partner?

I have just finished re-reading this fascinating book by Professor Raj Persaud and I thought I would share the details of the excellent read. I would make it required reading for everyone looking to find a partner!

Well-written and easy to read, Professor Raj looks at the way psychology can help unravel mysteries of attraction! This is great news for those amongst us who seek to determine our own fate and would rather not leave seduction to chance.

In this illuminating follow-up to his acclaimed bestseller, The Motivated Mind, Dr Raj Persaud draws on research to show not only how to increase your attractiveness generally, but how to become absolutely irresistible to anyone.

For example, do you know…
·         That experiments on dating can predict with over 80% accuracy who will be attracted to whom by whether just a few simple conversational strategies are used on a date?
·         Why women wear lipstick and blusher on their cheeks?
·         That seeking to agree 100% of the time on a date is not actually the best strategy to use?

If I had to sum up the key piece of advice that Professor Raj Persaud offers, it would be to concentrate on the good things you have to offer others - and develop these, rather than focusing on what you are looking for. Time and again, I see that the most successful RSVP dating agency members are those who concentrate on enhancing their own life experiences, including by coming to RSVP singles events, rather than coming to me with a long list of “must-have” attributes of the person they would like to meet.

And when you are thinking about what your ideal partner will be like, take time to discover who you are and what makes you tick. Long-term relationships rely on compatibility far more than the strength of the initial attraction!

This book is packed with frank, witty and easy to follow advice together with useful questionnaires to help you evaluate how you can best succeed in your search. I highly recommend this to those of you who are looking to catch – and keep – your perfect partner.

Read, learn and enjoy. Oh, and if you need a little help from your friendly introduction agency experts, you know where we are.