Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dear Mr PM, I have an idea about economic growth...

Okay, so this post isn't exactly a dating tip, but as RSVP is a dating agency for professionals, I hope that many of our members will find this post relevant to them.

No-one can avoid talk about the economy and how the government should be doing things to stimulate growth. Well, as a business owner this is something that is very close to my heart, so is on my mind often.

As I was pondering on what can be done, an e-mail popped into my in-box reminding me that I was going on a course at the end of the month. It is being run by an excellent training company, called Inspired Working.

What has this got to do with the economy? A good question! I am not suggesting that my attending a one day course in London will take us out of recession. But bear with me...

As MD of an SME, it can sometimes feel a lonely job and I miss the sense of working in a team (you feel sympathy for me, I'm sure). As a result, taking time out of the business to think is invaluable. As well as learning some new skills, it allows me to do many things:

  • I get to take time away from the day to day
  •  I get time to think strategically about my business
  •  I get to share experiences with my peers
So, Mr Prime Minister, I was thinking...

Most people agree that we need to stimulate more business growth. SMEs provide jobs for a significant proportion of Britain's workforce.

And whilst I know that SME's need access to finance and a competitive tax environment to grow, these things take time to change.

In my humble opinion, we are missing one simple and quick trick here. What about supporting individuals running SMEs to fulfil their potential by making sure we all take time out of our businesses to do some training?

Lots of money is being pumped into training young people, but how about transferring just a little bit of that funding to help those individuals who can quickly make a significant (and leveraged) impact on the economy? I would love to do more training, but I struggle to fund that training for myself. How about a small grant for SMEs to spend on training that focuses on really growing businesses?

Just a thought...

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