Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring along to some new RSVP singles events

What a fantastic few days we have had this week - Spring has definitely sprung!
When the weather improves, it really does inspire you to get out and about doing something different, so it is good news that we have just sent out our new calendar to RSVP dating and singles events members. We have some fantastic singles events for you to come along to such as:
  • A walking weekend in Derbyshire
  • Sunday walks and Bike rides
  • Disc Golf (it's like combining Frisbee and golf)
  • Dinners in some lovely restaurants and pubs
  • And of course we have our May Ball, being held in Leicestershire.
If you aren't an RSVP member, you can request a sample RSVP singles events calendar, and some of these might wet your appetite!
A handful of our 50 singles events every month are open to members. Anyone single can attend one of our RSVP open taster singles events.

Events are such a great way to meet new people in a relaxed and non pressurised environment. Many of our members prefer events because they get a chance to meet potential matches a few times and get to know them, without the tension of making up your mind on a first date. And we always have a host at our events to make sure that members are introduced and that the event goes smoothly!

It is important to remember a few key tips when attending a singles event.

1. Smile!

When you walk in, smile like you know other people in the room - chances are you will get a smile back and this is sure to put you at your ease and make it easier to start a conversation.

2. Be aware of those around you

Remember that everyone feels nervous at their first event, where they don't know anyone in the room.  When you arrive at the event and it looks like everyone knows each other because they are deep in conversation, you can be sure that they don't. So despite your desire to run in the opposite direction, try to forget how you are feeling and become more sensitive to those around you. I am sure that many of your fellow guests will welcome a smile and a conversation opener, just as much as you do. So be open to your fellow guests and make it easy for others to engage you in conversation. You will appear much more attractive if you are mingling and making conversation rather than standing in the corner of the room.

3. Be prepared with how to start the conversation

Before you go to the event, think about some easy conversation openers. A simple "Hi, how are you?" works really well. Then think of some interesting questions that you can ask such as "What interested you in this event" , Make sure it is an open question, so they can't just answer with a yes or a no. Remember open questions tend to start with what, why and how.

4. Don't be a bore

Don't talk only about yourself. Make sure ask those around you about themselves. Most people will feel confident about talking about themselves, so you will help to put them at their ease. Pay attention to what people are saying and ask them questions to show that you are listening. Oh, and don't act like a know-all. You may think your are showing off your knowledge, others will think you are a bore!

5. Pick safe topics of conversation

Don't pick a conversation topic that will ignite people's emotions, you may think you are being edgy or controversial, but those around you won't appreciate a heated conversation at a social gathering.

6. Talk to other people of the opposite sex

There's no point attending a singles event if you don't talk to anyone and in particular if you don't talk to your target audience!

7. Have fun!

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself. The more fun you have, the more you will relax and appear more appealing to potential dates. And, more importantly, you will have a fun experience and get the best out of the event.

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