Thursday, 5 April 2012

Gents, get the most from RSVP membership

Our very supportive member and excellent singles events host Russell H recently put together some tips to help RSVP gents get the most from their RSVP dating memberships and singles events membership. He was lamenting the fact that men don't get the most from their membership because they don't make the best of the singles events. I'm sure he'll forgive me for paraphrasing somewhat, but Russell's top tips are:

  1. Guys, the idea of RSVP events is to meet women. So, if you want to meet lots of women, go to some events!
  2. If you meet someone who appeals to you, talk to them and exchange details - you're not just there for the food/beer/activity. It won't happen every time, but relax, it only takes one. And you'll feel great in a week or two's time when you get a call or text from the lady you chatted to that night.
  3. It'll also be worthwhile exchanging numbers with any guys you get on with, as it's useful to share the driving and agree which events you'll go to.
  4. As a fully paid-up member, you are already paying for events, so it makes sense to go to some.
  5. Women book earlier than men, so, to balance things out, RSVP will put women on a waiting list. If you book early enough, another lady can come too.
  6. If you're worried about whether there will be people of your age - there probably will - call the office and they'll let you know. Or why not ask them for their best recommendation for an event for you?
  7. Try something new - there are loads of activities and the like - so you'll have interesting tales to relate on your next date/event. Flow-riding anyone?
  8. Meet your introduction at an event. If you're a Gold/Platinum member wondering where to meet your next introduction, you've 150 ideas in the latest calendar. Plus, that way, if you don't hit it off, there'll be plenty of others there to talk to.
  9. We all know that guys don't like to plan too far ahead. (Still not sure why, mind you). But, keep in mind that, in life, it's the planners who reap the rewards. Coincidences, whilst delightful when they happen, are few and far between. 
I'll let you think on that last one and consider its merits.

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