Thursday, 7 July 2016

In or Out the Dating version

I remember a time when being an inny or an outty referred to your belly button; gosh, how times change.


Today my question refers to the online dating community.


A Good Morning Britain investigation has revealed one in ten women have felt physically or verbally attacked after meeting someone online, with one in four receiving explicit messages within three minutes of chatting.


We all profess to err on the side of caution; we know what we should do; however, does that stop us doing what we want to do?


Here at RSVP dating agency and singles club, we take care of the ‘should do’ side of it for you; we meet every single member face to face. As for explicit messages, they’re not really a problem in RSVP. Whatever happens, it’s nice to know that one of our team are always there to listen and advise confidentially on the best course of action.


Ninety-eight percent of women said  they’d always organise a first date in public, to stay safe. But in a fifth of cases, they changed their mind and they met at someone’s home instead. In a third of cases the women said they’d gone back to a private home after a first date.


So, as women, why do we change our minds last minute? Maybe it boils down to the quest for instant gratification that we all suffer from, from time to time. We are constantly told in for a penny in for a pound; we both know we are interested, so why not jump in?


I personally believe that slow and steady wins the race. A great way to stay safe is to arrange a first meeting at a pre-organised singles event, for example one of RSVP’s mix and mingles, where, if you don’t hit it off, you have an easy escape route.


Just remember ladies, our behaviour influences others. I am definitely an ‘outty’ (on this subject, at least).





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