Thursday, 14 July 2016

Modern Dating Etiquette

So is there such a thing as dating etiquette in the modern day?


Should some things remain private between a couple? Well, this choice is unique and personal to you, not only as an individual but as a couple.


However, surely anything that you do disclose should be discussed between you both. How does this work at the beginning of a relationship?


Most of us have that one friend that we see as our ‘human diary’; some may even be lucky enough to have a few; you know those friends that you ‘over share’ with and tell your deepest darkest secrets and desires to; things that you wouldn’t dream of relating on social media.


A normal day for an RSVP Dating PA (that’s the service that comes with RSVP’s Platinum Introduction Agency membership) means you hear many stories. I am the first to say that nothing shocks me anymore; you have the comfort of knowing that even if you do seek advice or over share with our team of matchmaking experts, it definitely won’t:

A-     Get plastered all over Facebook/Twitter etc  

B-      Be accidently leaked to the partner or other friends

C-      Result in you feeling judged on your actions.


After all, I – along with my fellow Dating PAs – am  here for that purpose; a wise but impartial and non-judgemental expert. I will tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear, to help you on your dating journey.


Now I was slightly surprised that there is a fairly new kid on the internet block, with a Dating app that girls can swipe left/right – fairly common these days; however, you can also join as ‘a ghost’ to help a member of your girl group search for her perfect guy; it doesn’t stop there, they can even be involved in the messages; yes, they can see the whole conversation as well as add to it!


Do you find this kind of dating enticing? How well do your friends know what you REALLY want in a partner? I wonder how the guys will react to dating a team!


I think I’d rather leave my dating in the hands of a professional team. My advice? Put your phone down and get yourself out to one of the superb singles events hosted by RSVP and meet some genuine singles face to face.

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